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4 class pack - $200

Drop-in - $60


At SOA, we adopt a sliding scale in recognition of the varying financial means for individuals and believe that resources are meant to be shared.

Here are our payment terms:

Drop-in | 4 Class session

$70 | $250 : You have extra resources and would like to share.

$60 | $200 : You have enough resources.

$50 | $125 : You need a little help, the price is slightly out of your means.


Barter Trade -

You do not have the financial resources for SOA's activities.

However, you would like to contribute and be part of its ecosystem.

You may also choose this option if you have the resources but would like to explore barter trading. In this situation, SOA has the right to accept or deny the barter trade.


We seek your honesty for the sustainability of our programs.

Select your payment options below:


If you are keen to join but have no excess means, we accept barter trade of its many forms, be it helping out in SOA's space or projects. We can figure that out together.

Thank you! We will be in touch!

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