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Altruism Trilogy 

Based on the three roots of musical composition, Rhythm, Harmony & Improvisation, Fauxe decided to spread these explorations over a 3-year period - focusing on one element each year. 

 Altruism: The Beginning, 2019 - Rhythm

By using sampling as a foundation for rhythm-focused exploration, the pieces were either densely layered with samples or composed with minimal elements to form sequences at specific moments.

New Life, 2020 - Harmony 

During the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic,

the album served as a means to express and respond, which was often challenging in the isolating circumstances of the time.

Bakthi / Devotion, 2021 - Improvisation

View Project Details here

Besides its conceptual functions as an album, Altruism the community band was also formed to perform improvisational ideas live. 

The entire 3 year process was a whirlwind of insights and life as it was then, moving from a pre-covid world into the pandemic.



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