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living studio

A general assembly hall where information is disseminated—the heart of SOA. 


suneye room

An August beginning. For anyone who seeks solace in the city to write, create, and explore. We welcome creatives of all disciplines and genres.  


Hourly - $25/hour 

Half Day (min 4h) - $20/hour 

Full Day (min 7h) - $15/hour 

Opening Hours: 

Thursday - Sunday, 1pm to 10pm 

If you'd like to book the room for extended practice,

email us at

detox room 

A break room for the mind's chatter, meeting you at where you are, transporting you to where you need

to be. 


Currently under construction. 



We invite you to build a community music library with us. All equipment listed in the library is meant for students and members of SOA to utilise and explore.

If you'd like to donate to the library, drop us an email at

List of equipment:


RD-8 MK2, SP404SX, SP404 (2pc)
MS20mini, Nord Stage Ex, Rhodes MK2, Harmonium 
Gecko Kalimba, Yamaha Upright Piano, Yamaha Classical Guitar, Upright Bass, Marshall AVT 50

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